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Trunk, Distbn, Branch & Drop Cables

Trunk, Distbn, Branch & Drop Cables

Application :-

These cables are used for transmission of Video and Audio signals and are used in DTH / CATV Industry.

The number of CATV channels increasing by the day. These cables are ideal for such multi channel applications.

The central conductor is made of solid copper, which makes it ideal for power pass application.

Features :-

Central conductor is made of 99.97 % pure solid copper manufactured in house. It is insulated with Nitrogen gas injected physical foam dielectric manufactured from imported polyethylene, which enhances the foaming upto 70%, which leads to lower and uniform attenuation.

This also ensures that the insulation is free from impurities and the foam cell structure is uniform across entire length. The secondary conductor is made of specially designed poly-aluminum tape bonded with sufficient overlap on dielectric.

The second shield is of imported aluminum alloy wire braiding with high tensile strength and has more than 60% coverage suitably flooded with jelly so that the weather effect on conductors is negligible.

The outer jacket that has specially formulated PVC manufactured in-house, is of UV resistant nature, for robust performance and long life. Each coil/ bobbin is tested on computerized Test equipment for Attenuation, Impendence and SRL upto 1GHz.

The special features make these cables ideal for power pass application with notch free low attenuation values over wide band of frequencies and low loss of signal quality.

Highlights :-

Use of Electrolytic Grade Tough Pitch (ETP) Pure Copper

Use of Imported foam material in Gas Injected Foaming

Use of specially designed AL-POLY-AL bounded Tape