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Cables for Telecommunication

Cables for Telecommunication

Application :-

Finolex fibre optic cables are used for high tech telecommunications and transmissions. These cables are used in backbone, junction and local access networks in telecommunications by BSNL, MTNL, Basic service operators, CATV operators and other large projects.

Features :-

Finolex manufactures these cables both in dielectric and armoured versions from 2 fibre to 96 fibres. These are manufactured by the center tube design. Compared to the conventional standard tube design used in India, the central tube design offers several advantages.

Finolex fibre optic cables are compact and light weight with high-fibre packing density, easy fibre access and mid-span entry. The armoured cables use ECCS armour, making the cables excellent for the burial application.

This results in reduction of time and cost of installation especially for long haul/backbone network applications. The cables meet international standards like IFC, CCITT, Bell Core, etc. The company has been accredited with ISO 9002 certification from BVQI.