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HV Power Cables

HV Power Cables

Application :-

Finowpower High Voltage cable are use in power distribution ,industries ,material Handling plants, transportation sectors like railways and aviation , gas & Petroleum sectors and infrastructure Development Sectors.

Features :-

Finowpower High Voltage cable manufactured as per BIS & Other International specifications offer higher current rating, higher overload capacity and higher short circuits rating with lower di-electric losses.

Cables with round circulation compact conductor with very smooth surface finish are manufactured with most modern manufacturing facilities like state of the art CCV line, true triple extrusion with dry curing process, on line monitoring system for measuring, monitoring & controlling of Insulation thickness and eccentricity throughout the length, ultra modern material handling plant to ensure contamination free di-electric, sequential length marking and with a capacity provide longer packing lengths as per customer’s requirements. These single and multicore cables can be provided with FR/FRLS outer Jacket.

These cables are manufactured and tested as per IS : 7098(Part 2 ) : 1985

Highlights :-

Manufactured on latest, state of the art, modern machinery

Cross linking done by completely dry curing process

Special triple extrusion process eliminates formation of micro voids