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CCTV Cables

CCTV Cables

Application :-

The cables used are of hybrid type with combination of communication and electrical wires. The communication cables are used for recording the images by the camera and to communicate with the data centre. The 2 or 3 number of electric wires in this hybrid type cables are used for powering the cameras.

The communication cables are typically like RG 6 / RG 59 or any other type as per the customer specification and electric cables are from sizes 0.15 to 2.5 mm2 as per the specifications depending on the load.

Finolex has now introduced these wires. Finolex uses the latest technology of gas injected physical foaming for manufacture of co-axial cables which offer low weight and helps loss free signal transmission.

The conductor for this cable is of solid bare copper type which offers low conductor resistance and lower attenuation. This results in better picture quality.

The electric wires in this cable come with annealed bare flexible type copper conductor, insulated with PVC, specially formulated and in house manufactured in addition to being colour coded as per specifications.

These insulated cores are laid up along with co-axial cable and further PVC jacketed with black colour. These cables are most suitable for outside application as the PVC Jacket offers UV protection.