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CCS Cables

CCS Cables

Application :-

These cables are used for transmission of Video and Audio signals and are used in DTH / CATV Industry.

The number of CATV channels increasing by the day. These cables are ideal for such multi channel applications.

Features :-

This cable is with central conductor of Copper Clad Steel (CCS) .Due to the “Skin effect” CCS conductor is used for long distance trunk transmission, as it offers high strength, economy & longer life.

In this type of cable, outer copper layer takes care of high frequency signal transmission & Steel takes care of the load. However it has higher conductor resistance due to steel at the center of conductor.

These cables withstand all mechanical abuses during operation and are extensively used in DTH & Drop Cable applications without power pass requirement.

Highlights :-

Central Conductor is Copper Clad steel offers high mechanical strength.

Nitrogen gas injected physical foam dielectric made of imported polyethylene.

UV & abrasion resistant PVC outer jacket