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CCA Cables

CCA Cables

Application :-

These cables are used for transmission of Video and Audio signals and are used in DTH / CATV Industry. The number of CATV channels increasing by the day. These cables are ideal for such multi channel applications.

Features :-

This cable is with central conductor of Copper Clad Aluminium(CCA). The Copper Clad Aluminum conductor is used in higher size trunk cables due to low cost & low weight. However this conductor also offers higher conductor resistance than that of pure copper.

It offers less weight & hence can support longer span of cables in CATV networks. It can also work satisfactorily in power pass application

Highlights :-

Central Conductor is Copper Clad Aluminium offers high mechanical strength.

Nitrogen gas injected physical foam dielectric made of imported polyethylene.

UV & abrasion resistant PVC outer jacket